This is an intense massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle. Its aim is to improve well-being by softening the muscles and immediately releasing tension in the body. It is ideal for tired and sore muscles all around the body (e.g. neck, shoulders, hands, back, waist, legs).

Tender trigger points produce muscle pain when activated. The manipulation on these spots, which consists of advanced pressure and traction techniques, aims to deactivate them so that the body can regain its lost flexibility, normal range of joint-movement, and muscle strength.

This is a holistic art that is based on the principle that there are areas in the feet, hands, ears that correspond to zones associated with different part of the body, including glands and organs. Systematically stimulating these areas through the application of pressure and specialized handling, the body's natural therapeutic system can be activated, thus allowing it to completely relax.

All the aforementioned techniques are totally harmless and ideal for all ages. They are performed without any sort of medical intervention using needles or medicine. They are administered in a natural way, using only essential oils.

Relax & enjoy
Available amenities will be a gym, jacuzzi and sauna. Sauna, Steam Rooms (Wet), Hot Tub, Massage


Therapeutic Relaxing Full-Body Massage
Consists of a deep tissue massage, a trigger points massage, a face and scalp massage, as well as a foot, palm, and ear reflexology massage
Duration: 60minutes

Therapeutic - Isolated problem
solated problem (waist upwards or waist downwards)
Consists of a deep tissue massage and trigger points treatment for an isolated area.
Duration: 30minutes

Your sensory experience should not end with the sun, sand and refreshing water. Magnolia, also aims to feed your body and soul by providing our guests with a wellness area. This area will allow you to unwind, and rejuvenate yourself.