Island events

Summer Festivals

Union of the Ionian Island
A festival held may 21st in the Capital of the island of Kefalonia, this festival is held to celebrate the union of the Ionian islands with mainland Greece in 1864. Marked by marching bands, music and of course eating.

Feast of Agia Marina
A feast festival in the town of Vlahata in the south of the island, this event marks the celebration of agia Marina.

Day of the Virgin Mary
Celebrated throughout all of Greece and in a great number of countries throughout the world, August 15th is a special day indeed, in Kefalonia a miraculous event also happens on the 15th of August. This is the day in which the locals of the town of Markopoulo, within view of Magnolia resort collect small European cat snakes, to perform the festival of the snakes. These snakes appear every year before the 15th of August. The Locals release the snakes onto a icon known as , the icon of the Panagia fethousa. These snakes bring luck to the island, in the last century these snakes failed to appear only twice. Local legend refers to two years when the snakes failed to a appear, 1953, and during the second world war. Both times that the snakes failed to appear the local saw great destruction and suffering.

Feast of Agios Gerassimos
St Gerassimos is the Patron saint of the island of Kefalonia, this feast is one that last for 4 days August 16th to August 20th. These events occur in Argostli and Skala.

Robola wine festival
The famous local wine of Robola is celebrated on this day in the town of Fragata. The celebration is marked on the 18th of August every summer. This wine is internationally recognized and has an appellation that is protected by European law.

International Music Festival in Argostoli
This is a festival of Music at the end of August every year. It celebrates music from all over the world. The events occur throughout parts of Argostoli.

Music festival of Lixouri
This event showcases traditional music and others and is held in lixouri thoughout the month of September.

Feast of Panagia Agrillia
This event and festival is held in the town of Sami on the east coast of the Island, August 23rd marks this event. On this day a a religious ceremony is held followed by traditional dance and lots of food and wine.

Must See

Places that are must sees when someone visits Kefalonia, not in any particular order.
1) The Castle of St. George, Located just outside the capital of Argostoli, this Venetian fortress is built on a hill that commands strait of Argostoli.
2) Myrtos beach. On the west side of the island this is one of the most spectacular beaches in Europe. Ranked one of the world’s best. Tiny white pebbles on the beach, contract clean turquoise waters. The surf on this beach is incredible especial on windy days.
3) Melissani Caves, This is a beautiful subterranean lake. Like all limestone caves that have been created by water slowly seeping through on its way to the ocean. This special underground lake has a window to the heavens. In the distant past the roof of this cave collapsed. Letting brilliant rays of sun into the cave.
4) The de Bosset bridge, I old stone Brigde, the longest over a body of sea water. Spans the causeway between Argostoli and Drapano. Although the bridge is not used by vehicles anymore it allows for pedestrians to get a interesting perspective of the capitol city. Should be walked across at dusk.
5) Fiskardo, The tiny Old Venetian town in the north coast of the island. Is a mirror into the past of Kefalonia before the earthquake of 1953. This wonderful town has a few ancient site to view. It is a great place to watch yachts slowly sailing around the island.
6) Sami. The town on the esaern side of the island where the famous movie of Captian Corelli’s Madolin was filmed.
7) The nature trails of mount Ainos. The formidable mountain called Ainos which dominates the entire island, offers great nature trails and incredible views.
8) The monastery of st. Gerasimos. At this monastery you will see the body of st.Gerasimus the patron saint of the island of Kefalonia. It is a very uplifting experience to see the saint’s body that has not decomposed.
9) Katelios Beach. Not be over looked or forgotten, the magical waters of our beach are warm and almost sweet. Katelios is an simple village that is still agricultural and still a fishing village.