An island of rich history

Kefalonia, is an island of rich diverse history. Its beauty has attracted and captivated many visitors, conquerors, adventurers, and settlers, today it continues this story with visitors coming from all corners of the world. Evidence of past adventure, is whispered throughout the island in its architecture. So diverse is this architecture, you feel as though you transcend history in a short drive.

Kefalonia was an important Mycenae center in Ancient Greece, You can feel the ancients by visiting the Tholos of Jzanata. Located a short distance from Magnolia, it is the largest such burial tomb in western Greece. The island also has a rich Roman history, evidence is scattered throughout the island , from beautiful mosaics in Skala, to Roman tombs in the romantic coastal town of fiscardo.

Once the Roman power and influence waned the byzantines quickly filled the void. The stoic presence of solitary monasteries dotted throughout the island, is evidence of the byzantines. These lovely churches remind us connection between our minds and souls. Time should be spent reflecting life and what is important at the threshold of these quite, yet resounding sites of spiritual being.